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Topic:   470 tape reader error

By: GuestPosted on: Aug 9 2022 at 11:00:02 AM

I'm continuously getting a 470 tape reader error when trying to send my program to my Mazak M-2. I'm wondering if this has to do with the header/footer in my program or something to do with the mazatrol parameters. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


By: GuestPosted on: Aug 17 2022 at 03:50:10 AM
You mentioned "Mazatrol".

That's a special mazak protocol not supported by easydnc.

If your programs are standard g-code then you should be able to transfer using ISO.

Go to the easydnc.com homepage. scroll right to the bottom to see various cnc setting pages. See the mazak M2.

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Topic:- 470 tape reader error

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