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Topic:   Heidenhain TNC 370 program transfer

By: GuestPosted on: Feb 14 2020 at 05:00:11 AM
program transfer condition program incomplete alarm occurs

By: GuestPosted on: Feb 17 2020 at 05:06:10 AM
On any machine this would usually indocate that somethng is missing at the end of the file. Maybe % symbol?

By: MattPosted on: Feb 17 2020 at 05:21:01 AM
Program Incomplete error

Would usually occur if the CNC was configured to use the blockwise protocol (FE Mode) and you tried to send the program from the computer in another mode such as ME (Tape Mode) The might be thrown when the CNC does not see the correct blockwise protocol.

Or if you have easydnc setup to Heidenhain Blockwise then maybe it's because your rogram is indeed not complete - something missing?

Is easydnc set to Heidenhain Blockwise?

By: GuestPosted on: Mar 21 2024 at 04:50:17 AM

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Topic:- Heidenhain TNC 370 program transfer

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