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Topic:   Remo freezing

By: GuestPosted on: Apr 13 2022 at 01:58:54 PM
We have Easydnc Remo v 4.0 running on a windows7 PC which is 32 bit as this is required for other tasks this pc does.
Anyway it has been running fine for years and all of a sudden the Remo side of the program has started to freeze on a daily basis some times several times a day. Some times shutting down the Remo side and restarting the machine will work and other times I have to shut down Easydnc through Task manager and reload it. When its really bad I have to restart the PC.
Can someone give me some pointers on trying to sort this out.

PS this is connected to a Fanuc machine

By: SupportPosted on: Apr 18 2022 at 08:01:52 AM
EasyDNC v4 is a 32 bit program so no problem that the computer is 32 bit.

You said it's been working fine for years so the problem is probably something other than the program.

Is it a USB/Rs232 adapter? If the USB was disconnected while the port was active then that could lock things up.

Do you know how to get into Windows Device Manager?

Next time it locks up don't restart or anything. Go into Device Manager. Look down the list for "PORTS COM & LPT". Open that group (if it's not already open). You should see an item for each com port in, or attached to, the computer. Does the ComPort appear? If it is there does it appear with a yellow ! exclamation mark?

Try unplugging and reconnecting the USB plug. The com port should disappear and reappear.

Anything I'm saying her look like what's going on in your computer?

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Topic:- Remo freezing

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