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By: DavidPosted on: Jan 21 2021 at 11:50:00 PM
Hello, someone have this program working with a sato machine?
We have DNCBurny before and it's not longer working on new computers, like windows 10.
In sato machine we requested only the filename like 5000 and burny sent back 5000.dat if that file number is available.
We have no option to send files from the machine only a number that can match a .dat file one the computer and it sends back the file.
I have reached out to sato and asked if they have a newer program that works with windows 10, but no answer yet..

By: GuestPosted on: Jan 22 2021 at 09:06:05 AM
How does the machine send the request to the computer? Is it a small file?

Put RemoDNC in normal receive mode so that it's waiting for data and then initiate the request at the machine.

That "will not" make RemoDNC send the requested program but we might see the format of the request on the computer display and know what it looks like.

I'm not Remodnc support - I'm just curious about how the sato sends the request. Maybe somebody can figure out some kind of work-around.

By: DavidPosted on: Jan 26 2021 at 02:35:10 AM
Hello and thanks for your reply.

In remo mode when machine ask for program 5000 then it says DOWNLOAD PROGRAM:5000 in remomode, it disappears after 5 seconds.
So I need a program that can read the numbers and send back a .dat file that matches this numbers.

By: DirkSartiniPosted on: Jan 29 2021 at 04:25:28 AM
Here's something to try

In RemoDNC setup there's a setting called "REQST TAG" and another "EXTENSION".

See this page

Setting up Remo Mode

Ignore most of the info on that page. Just look at the image at these two boxes.

In the REQST TAG box enter PROGRAM: (The word PROGRAM followed by those two dots/colon)

In the EXTENSION box enter DAT (Just those three characters. No dot)

That tells remo to watch out for a message containing the text "PROGRAM:" (including the little double-dot colon). It should then scan the rest of the file looking for the program number being requested. In this case it should immediately see that "5000". It should look in its setup and see the extension DAT so it'll add that to the requested filename and look in the folder for a file named "5000.DAT" and send that. (Doesn't matter if it's upper or lower case dat or DAT.

I haven't tested that - I don't have a machine like yours. But I think it might well work.

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