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Topic:   Star SR20 and SA12

By: GuestPosted on: Nov 10 2022 at 11:17:02 AM
I can load files to and from the SR20 , but cannot from the SA12. Iv'e checked the settings on both machines and the DNC settings to ensure that they match, but still cant load from the SA12.

Any help is appreciated.

By: GuestPosted on: Dec 13 2022 at 06:41:55 AM
If both machines are supposed to be identical with regards to the way data is loaded in and out then there must be something different. Check the cables?

Put the easydnc into receive mode so that it's waiting for data from the machine. Then go to the machine and punch out a program. Does anything arrive on the computer display? Anything at all? Even garbage?

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Topic:- Star SR20 and SA12

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