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Topic:   Upgrading Computer

By: GuestPosted on: Apr 10 2023 at 04:55:43 PM
We have had to upgrade our computer and would like to know if there was a way to transfer the licence off the old computer onto the new one?

By: SupportPosted on: Apr 12 2023 at 07:16:48 AM

By: Brian Posted on: May 31 2023 at 01:30:31 PM
Hello are computer hard drive crashed with are easy dnc I have 2 license. We bought are license back in 2012
I had to load easy dnc in are new computer. how do Iget a license number for this one.

By: RaulPosted on: Sep 12 2023 at 08:17:05 AM
Hi! The computer where we have the easydnc license has crashed and we have decided to buy a new one. How can we transfer the license to the new one? THanks.

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Topic:- Upgrading Computer

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